【品牌】:ABC牌 【品名】:辣椒酱油 【产地】:印尼 【口味】:辣味 【重量】:400g 【日期】:日期不断更新,以实际购买为准,不便之处敬请见谅! 【包装】:可补充塑料包装 印尼独特的酱油,在当地风味菜中都会在烹调过程中添加,同时可以当烧烤酱或醃肉用的调味。不论是炒菜、拌饭、拌麵等等,能让平淡无奇的食材经过它加持变身,吃过它的人都不禁惊呼讚叹!🍴食用方法:用于沾佐食物使用,亦可于烹饪时添加适量用以调味#ABC #东南亚 #辣椒酱 #进口 #伴手礼 #团购 #泡麵 #炒饭 #印尼 #印尼进口 #烤肉 #沾酱 #调味酱 #食尚东南亚 #东南亚进口
Bamboe Rendang Instant Seasoning Mix
Rendang is a very popular rich tasting meat dish in Indonesia. Originated in Sumatra, it was served at occasions to honor guests. In 2011 it was named by CNN as the number one dish of the 50 Most delicious Foods...
Bamboe Sambal Goreng Ati Seasonings Mix
Sambal goreng ati is the sauce for stir fry chicken gizzards or liver and potato. A popular dish originated in Java. This dish can be served alone, or a part of a big meal (nasi campur, nasi kuning or rijstaffel)....
Bamboe Semur Seasoning Mix
Semur is Indonesian beef stew braised in brown gravy. The origin of this dish can be traced in Java, and influenced by the Dutch. Semur can be served with rice, or as a part of the rijstaffel. Semur ranges from...
Bamboe Sop Chicken/Beef Oxtail Soup Mix
Sop/soup is Indonesian beef or chicken soup, influenced by the Dutch. The most popular version of this soup is the oxtail soup. The ingredients are shallots, garlic, white pepper and nutmeg. Suitable for Vegetarian Dish
Bamboe Soto Ayam Seasoning Mix
Soto ayam is yellow chicken soup, originated from Java. This soup is very popular in Indonesia. Served warm, it is considered comfort food by the Indonesian. The yellow soup broth is poured on bowls with shredded chicken, vermicelli, fried sliced...
Bamboe Soto Betawi Seasoning Mix
Soto Betawi is a kind of soto soup named after the Betawi people, one of the ethnic group in Indonesia.  Rich in taste, it is popular in West Java. The main ingredients are beef offal cooked in Betawi soto spices...
Bamboe Soto Daging
Soto Madura is a soto soup, originated from Madura. Soto is a very popular soup in Indonesia. The main ingredients will be beef and offal/innards, such as tripe, brisket, lung, brain, liver. Same as all soto, lime juice and sambal/chilli...
Bango Sweet Soy Sauce Kecap Manis 275ML
The best kecap Manis brand from Indonesia Available in 275ml packaging, can be delivered to any where in Europe Order more to get discount, contact us if you interested in volume orders
Bawang Putih Goreng
Fried Garlic Weight: 75gram
BonCabe Level 2 Ebi Flavor
BonCabe Ebi Kriuk, a soy sauce from KOBE with a dominant sensation of crunchy ebi and a light spicy touch, is perfect for a level 2 label!The crunchy sensation of real ebi and its distinctive aroma will certainly inspire those...
Boncabe Level 3 Teri Flavor
The spicy sensation of anchovy BonCabe tends to be more "relaxed" and savory because it is accompanied by the crispness of anchovies. BonCabe Flavor Anchovy is very unique because there are pieces of anchovy in it.In terms of spiciness, BonCabe...
Bumbu Racik Sayur Asem
Indonesian instant seasoning powder No 1 Indonesian Recipe mix seasoning presents a practical solution for moms to serve tasty daily dishes in easy & practical way. Made from selected natural herbs & spices that have been dried without preservatives &...
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Cap Ibu Sambal Bakso 230g
This chili sauce has unique aroma and this time tested secret blend of specially selected birds eye chili to create a bold and balance flavor. For the ultimate taste, ready to eat straight from the bottle with rice, noodles, or...
CAP IBU Sambal Cobek 240g
This chili sauce is made from selected fresh raw materials, creating a bold and balanced flavor for the ultimate taste. It is ready to be used as dipping sauce for fried fish. It is an original sauce originated from Center...
Cap Ibu Sambal Goreng Terasi 230g
Indonesian traditional sauce is made with selected fresh raw materials so as to produce a strong taste for the perfect taste. Ready to serve with rice, noodles and other your favorite dishces Ingredients: Chili, Shallot, Garlic, Tomato, Fermented Shrimp,Salt, Sugar,...
Cap Ibu Sambal Pemuda Extra Hot 230
This Sambal Pemuda Chili sace is made from selected fresh materials. ready to serve with rice, noodles and any other your favorite dishes Ingredients: Chili, Tomato, Shallot, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Flavor Enhancer, Peper, Acidity Regulator, etc Weight: 230g
Cap Ibu Soto Betawi
Indonesian traditional sauce is made with selected fresh raw materials so as to produce a strong taste for the perfect taste. Ready to serve with rice, noodles and other your favorite dishces Ingredients: Chili, Shallot, Garlic, Tomato, Fermented Shrimp,Salt, Sugar,...
CAP IBU Terasi Hot 260 gr
This chili sauce is from fresh raw materials to create an ultimate taste with balanced flavor. it is ready to serve directly from the bottle with rice, noodles or any other of your favorite dishes.  Ingredients: Chili, Shallot, Garlic, Tomato,Fermented...
DR Dumpling Flour 1kg
Special flour for making delicious dumplings Weight: 1kg  
Dried Mushroom
Chinese Dried MushroomWeight: 100g
DUA BELIBIS Sauces Cabe Sachets 24x9g
Indonesia Famous Chili Sauce in Sachet. 1 bag contains 24 Sachets Weight:9 gram/ sachet
DUA Belibis Hot Sauce 340ML
The best Traditional Indonesian Belibis Chili Sauce  Fresh chili with blended tomatoes, plus garlic, vinegar, sugar and many other seasonings to make an unique delicious indonesian taste.  It is perfect for daily cooking or food
Dua Belibis Sambal Terasi 170g
This chili sauce is made from fresh raw materials with fermented shrimp to enhance the balanced flavor It is one of the best terasi chili sauce in the market Weight: 170g

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