Bamboe Rendang Instant Seasoning Mix
Rendang is a very popular rich tasting meat dish in Indonesia. Originated in Sumatra, it was served at occasions to honor guests. In 2011 it was named by CNN as the number one dish of the 50 Most delicious Foods...
Bamboe Sambal Goreng Ati Seasonings Mix
Sambal goreng ati is the sauce for stir fry chicken gizzards or liver and potato. A popular dish originated in Java. This dish can be served alone, or a part of a big meal (nasi campur, nasi kuning or rijstaffel)....
Bamboe Semur Seasoning Mix
Semur is Indonesian beef stew braised in brown gravy. The origin of this dish can be traced in Java, and influenced by the Dutch. Semur can be served with rice, or as a part of the rijstaffel. Semur ranges from...
Bamboe Sop Chicken/Beef Oxtail Soup Mix
Sop/soup is Indonesian beef or chicken soup, influenced by the Dutch. The most popular version of this soup is the oxtail soup. The ingredients are shallots, garlic, white pepper and nutmeg. Suitable for Vegetarian Dish
Bamboe Soto Ayam Seasoning Mix
Soto ayam is yellow chicken soup, originated from Java. This soup is very popular in Indonesia. Served warm, it is considered comfort food by the Indonesian. The yellow soup broth is poured on bowls with shredded chicken, vermicelli, fried sliced...
Bamboe Soto Betawi Seasoning Mix
Soto Betawi is a kind of soto soup named after the Betawi people, one of the ethnic group in Indonesia.  Rich in taste, it is popular in West Java. The main ingredients are beef offal cooked in Betawi soto spices...
Bamboe Soto Daging
Soto Madura is a soto soup, originated from Madura. Soto is a very popular soup in Indonesia. The main ingredients will be beef and offal/innards, such as tripe, brisket, lung, brain, liver. Same as all soto, lime juice and sambal/chilli...
印尼的炒面和其炒饭一样有名,号称世界知名佳肴之一。 利用面线做主要食材,加以鸡肉、猪肉、海鲜为辅助材料辅助烹饪而成。炒面上面再加一个煎好的鸡蛋,更加美味。 炒面香料粉买回去,直接一包搞定其味道。
印尼马来炒饭香料粉调料粉 40g
2011年CNN评选世界50大美食,印尼炒饭成为其中之一。 想要制作正宗的印尼炒饭非常简单,一包香料妥妥搞定。
印尼马来风味陶罐牛肉香料粉调味料BAMBOE Bumbu Empal 65g
印尼马来传统口味陶罐牛肉香料粉,一包轻松搞定。 做菜就是这么容易
印尼马来风味黄姜饭调料香料粉BAMBOE Bumbu Nasi Kuning 65g
印尼马来流行的黄姜饭是一种很久以前只在节日的时候才会制作的炒饭。 米饭看上去带有金黄色,象征着吉祥如意,配上炸鸡以及其他马来风味的小吃一起给客人送上。黄姜本身是一种非常健康的食品,对人的身体有很多益处。 黄姜饭做法比较复杂,但是现在只需要一包香料粉就可以轻松搞定。
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